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Thursday, May 27, 2004


Just a welcome note to you all.

Do you have any thoughts on the state of the UK Planning system? Has it got worse or is the Planning Permission approval route a lot easier than it was?

A lot depends upon which side of the fence you are on. Many people un-involved with the process of development see building projects going on all around them thinking that 'they seem to let anything go these days'.

Others on the other hand are in a continual battle of wits with the Planners in trying to get approval for their own site or clients building scheme.

From my perspective, every year there seems to be more & more planning issues to deal with for even the most modest of schemes. The Planners have turned a very simple assessment & approval process onto a pseudo science full of irrelevant jargon & unimportant issues.

Will it get even worse or will the Government push through the much talked about common sense revamp of the whole Planning system for speedier approvals & more housing development.

So what is your view? What is your perspective & experiences on residential development? Has it been easy? Did you handle it yourself? Did you employ a Design Agent - how did they perform?

Lets get some feed back & opinions on just what is going on with the Planning System as viewed from you the public - the customers of the Planning Service although you would hardly know it these days.

So, if you are about to do battle with the Planners for your residential development projects whether it be a modest home extension or a complete site redevelopment of new homes for example then why not get an edge & learn how to maximise your chances of an approval by obtaining our 'maximum build' planning guide written by a very experienced Planning Consultant who will let you into the secrets of getting that Planning Permission at the first attempt.

Good luck is usually the result of engineering of a situation to your own advantage based on sound knowledge & good advice.
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